Tech Tip Tuesday: Tips for Safer Home Security Setups

m3 networks blog home security measures

From Ring doorbell cams to entire home security systems, watching your front door from afar has never been so easy. These security solutions also provide peace of mind at a wallet-friendly cost.  But don’t let the ease of setup fool you. Home security devices can open your family up to risks if you don’t take…

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Align Your Team to Company Targets with Microsoft Viva Goals

m3 networks blog microsoft viva goals

You often hear the words “digital transformation” and “collaboration.” But what do they actually mean? What do they mean for the day-to-day of running your business?  Collaboration can’t happen without shared goals. When departments are siloed and unconnected, priorities can conflict. People are doing their best but may not be moving in the same direction. …

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What Cybersecurity Attack Trends Should You Watch Out For In 2023?

m3 networks blog cyber security attack trends

Cybersecurity risks are getting worse. Attacks continue to get more sophisticated. They are also often perpetrated by large criminal organizations. These criminal groups treat these attacks like a business.  To protect your business in the coming year, it’s important to watch the attack trends. We’ve pulled out the security crystal ball to tell you what…

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Stop Fraud With Your Online Banking

m3 networks blog stop online banking fraud

Millions of dollars are stolen from small business bank accounts around the world every single month (and the threat is increasing every day). As hackers get smarter and build new ways to break into your systems, you need to work hard to stay one step ahead of them so you don’t fall victim. Here are…

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Is That a Real Text from Your CEO? Or a Scam?

m3 networks blog real text or phishing scam

Imagine you’re going about your day when suddenly you receive a text from the CEO. The head of the company is asking for your help. They’re out doing customer visits and someone else dropped the ball in providing gift cards. The CEO needs you to buy six $200 gift cards and text the information right…

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4 Proven Ways to Mitigate the Costs of a Data Breach

m3 networks blog mitigate costs of data breach

No business wants to suffer a data breach. But unfortunately, in today’s environment, it’s difficult to completely avoid them. Approximately 83% of organizations have experienced more than one data breach. (IBM Security 2022: data-breach) The global average cost of a data breach is now $4.35 million, up 2.6% from last year. Companies don’t need…

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Mobile Malware Has Increased 500% – What Should You Do?

m3 networks blog mobile phone malware security

Cybersecurity researchers uncovered an alarming mobile statistic. During the first few months of 2022, mobile malware attacks surged by 500%. For years, mobile phones have become more powerful. They now do many of the same functions as a computer. Yet, people tend to secure their computers better than they do their smartphones. This is a…

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Have You Had Data Exposed In a Recent Data Breach?

m3 networks blog exposed in data breach

There’s a reason that browsers like Edge have added breached password notifications. Data breaches are an unfortunate part of life. And can have costly consequences for individuals. Hackers can steal identities and compromise bank accounts, just to name a couple. Cybercriminals breach about 4,800 websites every month with form jacking code. It has become all…

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8 Tech Checks To Make Before You Travel

m3 networks blog tech travel checks

Our technology inevitably comes with us when we travel. Most of us won’t even travel to the end of the block without our smartphones. When you go on a trip, not having your technology there when you need it can ruin your day. Travel smarter and more securely by doing several checks before you go.…

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Southwest’s Software Problems

Southwest Airlines has been widely known as the shining star of the airline industry. Unfortunately, it is being destroyed from the inside out in a matter of weeks. In a matter of 48 hours, Southwest cancelled 5400 flights due to “weather”. Southwest Airlines has three major problems and only one of them is within their…

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