Have You Had Data Exposed In a Recent Data Breach?

m3 networks blog exposed in data breach

There’s a reason that browsers like Edge have added breached password notifications. Data breaches are an unfortunate part of life. And can have costly consequences for individuals. Hackers can steal identities and compromise bank accounts, just to name a couple.

Cybercriminals breach about 4,800 websites every month with form jacking code. It has become all too common to hear of a large hotel chain or social media company exposing customer data.

• Microsoft Customer Data Breach
• 5 Million Records Exposed in a Student Loan Breach
• U-Haul Data Breach of 2.2 Million Individuals’ Data
• Neopets Breach May Have Compromised 69 Million Accounts
• One Employee Computer Causes a Marriott Breach
• Shield Health Care Group Exposes Up to 2 Million Records