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Automated Patch Management Software

  • Daily Updates
  • Fast Configuration
  • Automated System Updates
  • Calculate Value
m3 networks patch management

How does M3 do it?

Daily Updates

Effective patch management should keep your customers up-to-date with the latest versions of their favorite third-party applications. With automatic daily downloads M3’s system  will ensure all of your third-party applications are updated with the latest software fixes.

Fast Configuration

M3 will assist with an easy setup and configuration to start patching all business productivity solutions, including: Microsoft, Adobe, Java. Once the patches are established, our team will use mainstream web browsers immediately and routinely moving forward.

Calculate Value

Customers often appreciate the data you can generate that confirms the business benefits and value added services you provide. By confirming your value to your clients, you will gain their confidence and the possibility of generating further service revenue in the future.

Integrated PSA Billing

Providing an easy user experience is especially important through the billing process. Save time and resources by integrating your PSA billing process with M3 systems. Bill for all third-party patch management updates across your entire customer base with little effort.

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