Ransomware: What It Is and How To Prevent It

m3 networks IT services ransomware what it is and how to prevent it

April Blog PostRansomware is a hack into your business’ computer systems, and these hackers keep all of your files hostage until you give them the requested ransom by a specific time. In March of this year, Apple was hacked for the first time by this specific group, as was a Hollywood Hospital who made the wrong choice and paid the ransom amount. If they had an excellent IT Provider and tips to help prevent this kind of problem, these issues may not have come up.

Tips to Prevent a Ransomware Attack

  • Back up your data. At M3 Networks we offer a backup of your current system and files to make sure they are safe from harm and available when you need them.
  • Show hidden file extensions. You never know which file you could open that could allow the hackers to take all of your companies’ files, always show file extensions so you are familiar with what is on your computer.
  • Filter certain file types in your email. At M3 we also offer secure email and spam blocking. Any unknown files will be taken to the spam folder immediately, to keep your business safe from harm.
  • Patch or Update your software. A Software Update is vital to your business’ computer system. We can provide you with the best possible options for software on your computer, and help you update it.
  • Use System Restore to get back to a known clean-slate. If you follow the first step and back up your data this step becomes a whole lot easier. You are essentially wiping your computer clean of any files, data, or software. This allows your systems to be wiped clean and start over. Once you have a nice clean slate, M3 offers virus and malware protection; these threats don’t stand a chance with our state of the art defenses and removal tools.

Here at M3 Networks we provide quality IT Service and the ability to prevent these kind of attacks from happening to your business. Call us today to find out more! (682) 253-6631