Tech Tip Tuesday: 8 Things You Should Never Do On A Work Computer

m3 networks things never do on. your work computer

Work computers are for one thing: Work. Doing anything outside of work could jeopardize your career as well as leave you susceptible to cyberattacks.

Here is a quick list of DON’Ts when it comes to using your work computer.

1. DON’T Save Your Personal Passwords in the Browser

If your company’s network is compromised the malicious actors can leverage your passwords to access your cloud accounts. 

2. DON’T Store Personal Data

This bad habit leaves you wide open to loss of your files and your personal files being company-accessible. 

3. DON’T Visit Sketchy Websites

You should never visit any website on your work computer that you wouldn’t be comfortable visiting with your boss looking over your shoulder. In addition, hackers develop malware that targets people who use these sites. It’s best to just avoid them altogether. 

4. DON’T Allow Friends or Family to Use It

Allowing anyone else to use your work computer could constitute a compliance breach of data protection regulations that your company needs you adhere to.

5. DON’T Access free public Wi-Fi

As wonderful as it may be to work from a coffee shop, free Wi-Fi can open you up to fraud. Hackers set up fake networks that often look like the real things, but aren’t. This means your network is not secure and sensitive information may be at risk.

6. DON’T Shop

We all love a great sale on Cyber Monday (or anytime of the year, really!), but you shouldn’t be spending your time doing online shopping. Many people store their credit card information on their work computer which may be visible to others.

7. DON’T Do Your Personal Banking

We know us IT guys are super cool, but unless you want your IT department (or possibly your boss) to know how much money you have or don’t have, it’s always a good thing to avoid doing any personal banking. Remember that you simply have no privacy.

8. DON’T Spend All Your Time on Social Media

Many companies now have strict policies on the use of social media during business hours and on work equipment. Social media can be distracting and you can quickly get sucked in for long periods of time. Unless you work in digital marketing and it’s part of your job, it is best to avoid this addictive little habit. Plus, scammers LOVE to learn all about you from all the personal information you share on social media and that makes you more vulnerable to phishing scams.

Although some of these don’ts seem obvious, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and leave work on the work computer.


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