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m3 networks backup and disaster recovery

M3 provides the latest features for backup and protection for you and your business.

Simple Backup Process

The key to an efficient backup process is automation. Incremental backups ensure the latest version of your data is saved and accessible in the cloud. A shared recovery point keeps all of your data in one place for access from anywhere you can access the Cloud.

Minimal Downtime with Instant Recovery

When every second counts, M3 focuses on reducing your network’s downtown in the wake of any scenario. Between file level restore to instant virtualization of an entire system and bare metal recovery, M3 allows you to recover your data anytime from the Cloud.

Cloud-accessible Backup

The foundation of M3’s secure backup process is the Cloud. In the cloud you can store important information offsite in the form of backup snapshots and recovery data. The Cloud is geographically distributed for safety and data sovereignty. With  multiple layers of security, your information is better protected against bad actors.

Instant Restore

With instant virtualization, M3 can recover a client server or VM locally or in theCloud in a matter of seconds. Utilizing the cloud-based recovery launchpad, M3 can easily recover an entire system or a specific file. The Cloud contributes to your organization’s network connectivity and ensures you experience minimum downtime and maximum productivity.

File Rollback and File Restore

File Rollback allows you to restore file systems to working order, without needing to reimage the entire machine. If you need to restore a few files, users can pull files from any Windows device, or if you need a full restore, the entire backup can be found in the Cloud.

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