DNS Filtering

Umbrella DNS Security That Resolves Cybersecurity Issues

  • Global DNS Security
  • Dynamic Threat Protection
  • Fast Implementation
m3 networks DNS filtering

We Stop Cyber Threats before they happen!

Anticipating Threats and Finding Weaknesses in Your Network

While an ISP does offer a certain level of DNS resolution, as more organizations adopt direct-to-internet connections that bypass VPNs, often a DNS blind spot is the result. M3 DNS Security precedes the IP connection and allows the DNS to log domain information regardless of the port or protocol. Malware, Ransomware, Phishing Attempts and Bots are stopped in their tracks and a connection is prevented from being established.

A Remote Workforce Needs Enhanced Protection

Simplify your security management and gain new layers of protection in minutes with M3’s enhanced protection. M3 security solutions identify risky destinations and blocks them from your network. You’ll benefit from threat mitigation no matter where your users are logging in.

DNS Security Advantage: Key Features

  • With an interactive web console users have access to threat intel and on-demand enrichment API that integrates security and intelligence into other systems
  • Identify shadow IT based on domain data and block the threat 
  • Gain deeper insight into risky domains through proxy and decrypt methods of URLS and files 
  • Utilize 85+ domain content categories to enable web filtering 
  • Enable you to create custom allow and block lists 
  • Protect your mobile and roaming users while they are off network

Increased Transparency

An ISP does not provide sufficient DNS resolution for a truly secure network. Without supplemental protection, you leave a huge blind spot as users bypass the VPN and gain direct access to the network. M3 increases the visibility in your network and detects systems that have been compromised.

Dynamic Threat Protection

M3 leverages threat intelligence to proactively identify and block requests to risky domains, IP addresses, URLs, and files. Your organization’s critical infrastructure is protected by advanced intelligence that identifies the newest threats without delay or decreased performance.

Quick Implementation

M3 works quickly and maintains your secure network so users experience a dramatic reduction in the number of infections and alerts they receive.

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