Email Security & Protection

Comprehensive email security filters spam, viruses, phishing attacks and more.

  • Accurate email filtering
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Powerful Policy Enforcement
m3 networks email security protection

With M3 Networks, you are covered. Completely.

Only the Emails You Want

M3 has created Accurate Email Filtering that ensures only the emails that are intended for you reach your inbox. Messages containing offensive, harmful, or policy violating content are held for user review, giving you a chance to determine their authenticity. Our system helps keep users safe and gives you confidence that your email infrastructure is shielded from harm.

Fully Loaded Message Review

An issue with overly-secure email is missing emails that are actually intended for you but get caught in the security filters. Many Microsoft 365 users report that they receive a high amount of spam on a regular basis and, on top of that, users are unable to review emails that are caught in the security filters. Missing communications is a big issue resulting from false-positive handling like when a good message that Microsoft 365 thinks is spam goes missing. M3 ensures you can always review filtered emails to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

Control Accurate Email Filtering

Our email filtering handles messages more intelligently so there are less false-positives of good messages sent to Spam. When questionable messages are held, M3 users get a notification that lets them preview, deliver the message to their inbox, and whitelist the sender for the future so potentially important messages are no longer buried.

Improve Quarantine Visibility

We give a big upgrade to standard Microsoft 365 spam filtering, giving every user detailed visibility into what messages were held with insightful analytics and filtering statistics. Now it’s possible for Microsoft 365 users to see easy-to-read and understand details about the security of a message, so they can be 100% sure it’s safe to release to their inbox.

Customizable Notification Schedule

Users get message review notifications at the interval that works for them. You can choose every hour, every week, never, or anything in between. After all, managing the volume of emails is the aim of our security filtering!

Preview Content in a Safe Environment

We let our users preview the HTML content of a message (images optional) so they can determine whether or not it’s a message they wish to receive in their inbox without risking a malware infection or phishing attack. Often the text is all that is needed to determine harmful intent or not.

Clear Explanations of Email Scoring

Each message has an analytics section which shows data related to the reasons a message was held, where it came from, and even a map showing the point of geographic origin. When malicious emails do arrive, it’s easier to determine where it came from and prevent future attacks.

Message Delivery Timeline

M3 users have the use of a timeline section that shows the history of an incoming message. With the timeline, it’s clear to see the path of a message during its lifetime and quickly identify areas where delivery was delayed or interrupted.

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