Managed Detection & Response

Proactive Cyber Risk Management

  • 24/7 Managed Detection Services
  • Immediate Response Times
  • Stop the threat
m3 networks managed detection and response

How do we MANAGE it?


Our US-based team hunts proactively for threats 24/7 all across your system. From user behavior to incoming email to network security, we have eyes on it all in real time. Through years of experience and leading-edge, proprietary technology we track the indicators of compromise, malicious behavior, and open risks.


We aim for proactive remediation of issues before they occur. Your users won’t spend time sifting through false-positives. Once we identify a threat, we isolate it to prevent further spread while we begin investigating the malicious source.


The key to our response is speed. We take action to neutralize threats in real-time rather than sending you the instructions to accomplish it yourself. By the time you are alerted, we have already neutralized the threat. We investigate the source of the suspicious activity and begin to build filters to prevent future occurrences. 

24/7 Protection

We provide true 24/7 protection with a US-based team. Age-old solutions such as firewalls, endpoint protection, SIEMs, antivirus, and anti-malware are not enough. Trust M3 Networks to do the hard work for you in real-time:

  • Lateral movement, tradecraft, and insider threat detection
  • Continuous monitoring of privileged users, accounts, and activity
  • Cloud-based, multi-tenant architecture
  • Lightweight agent ensuring easy deployment
  • Frictionless customer support
  • API-first architecture for ease of integration
  • Ransomware readiness assessments
  • Automated, anti-ransomware capability
  • External threat detection
  • Monitoring for on-premises and cloud environments
  • Protection of Macs and PCs
  • Remote access and user behavior audits

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