Security Awareness Training

Engaging User Security Awareness Training

  • Real-Life Security Breaches
  • Regular Updates to Users
  • Engaged Learning
m3 networks security awareness training

How do we do it?

Creative Style of Learning

Turning something like cybersecurity into an exciting topic is not so easy. We use creative and interactive styles of learning that will leave lasting lessons with your employees they will use in their daily practices. Our content creates a larger story that encourages your users to practice judgment and secure living in every aspect of their digital lives.

Real-Life Security Breach Scenarios

The best way to explain a threat to users is to show them how real that threat is. By using real-life examples of breach scenarios and their consequences, we show that preventing security breaches takes less work than the clean-up. This creates relevance with your employees leading to higher engagement and fewer breaches.

Regular Updates to Users

We can set customized schedules to keep your users engaged with new security information and learning. Invite them to new courses, send phishing tests, and track results. Regular interaction with security thinking and practices will reinforce good behaviors.

Engaged Learning

Since everyone within your organization will be participating in security training, making it a competition will encourage engagement. Celebrate individuals who complete lessons quickly and pass the quiz correctly, earn more points and secure a top spot on the leaderboard.

Could your users benefit from a cyber security refresher course? M3 Networks works closely with your team, because they are the best line of defense against security breaches! Reach out to our team today!

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