Simulated Phishing

Preparatory Simulated Phishing Exercises and Reporting

  • Identify Vulnerabilities
  • Track Capabilities
  • Detailed Reporting
m3 networks simulated phishing

What does a simulated phishing exercise look like?

Scheduled & Targeted

How can you make sure your team is adequately prepared to deal with digital security threats? Creating simulated threats allows you to target, track and assess your team’s response to phishing attempts. We can create customized exercises for specific departments, groups, teams and individuals.

Like Real Phishing

By observing real phishing threats, we have been able to create convincing, simulated phishing content to test your organization’s security. We will use the same tactics to target your team and track their responses. Bad actors and security threats are learning new tactics every day, and our team tracks their developments to better prepare your users for any threat. 

Tracking & Reporting

Once we deliver the simulated phishing attack, we will track the responses of your users over time. We can break this down to show improvements and trends focusing on the organization as a whole or down to individual users.

100% Customizable

As you test your staff over time you may want to run phishing attempts with specific threats or information you have in mind. We allow you to customize your own content, because no one knows your team and the threats they face better than you do. 

Learning & Development

With the results from simulated phishing attempts, we can identify users in your organization who require further security training. If a user fails a phishing attempt, they will be automatically enrolled in the appropriate training course to help them learn from their mistake. 

The greatest protection against phishing attempts are your staff and users. Making sure they are prepared in the face of any threat can give you peace of mind as a business owner and help prevent dire consequences in the future. 

Learn how M3 can work with your staff to create a strong defense against phishing and email scams in your organization. 

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