Michael Moore

Our mission at M3 Networks is to provide high quality IT Services that remove and prevent technology issues for the clients we serve. And it’s a great mission. But the best thing about it -- what really sets us apart -- is how we get there.

We didn’t just build a company. We built a team.

Having come up through the ranks of poorly-treated engineers myself, I recognized that the typical high-burnout and turnover rate was creating havoc for clients. I envisioned a different type of company, one with superb customer service, guaranteed response times, and transparent communication and billing. If we were going to have people on board who would treat our clients with that level of care and respect, we needed to create an environment that treated employees just as well.

M3 Networks is the game changer. We have 0% turnover, great benefits, great hours, and great engineers. We invest in ongoing training to constantly up our game. We don’t just attract the best people, we keep them. That stability translates to a first-class experience for you, our clients.

The level of integrity we show our employees is the same high standard we bring to every client. Our billing is transparent and accurate the first time, guaranteed. There’s no nickel-and-diming; all IT service management charges are pre-approved by you, so you always know what you’re paying for. We don’t make you wait for repairs; we offer prompt remote network support direct to your computer, or we’ll dispatch a technician that same business day.

At M3 Networks, we don’t just make promises, we guarantee them.

Want to discover the difference we can make to your business? Feel free to call me directly at 817-406-2457.

I look forward to talking to you. 

Michael Moore

President | M3 Networks