Tech Tip Tuesday: Be Cyber Smart!

business woman sitting at desk looking at cell phone

Investing in cyber security not only protects a business, but its employees and customers as well. If you consider how much digital information your company has and how many people are included in it, the list of names will grow faster than you think. What isn’t obvious about cyber security is that preventing an event is far less expensive than recovering from one. 

For companies that have experienced a cyber security event, the first priority is to figure out the source of the security failure. Once a company has recovered, they tend to reassess their overall security measures and make improvements. Secure businesses also encourage their employees to become more security-minded. Here are 5 suggestions you can implement today to increase your cyber security:

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication

Instead of using a single password, multi-factor authentication layers multiple levels of verification. One layer includes knowledge that only the authorized person would have such as a password or pin code. A second layer includes something that would only be in the authorized person’s possession like a badge or smartphone where they can access an app. The most secure layer includes traits that are inherent to the authorized person such as voice recognition, retinal scan or fingerprints. The wrong person might stumble across the solution to one layer of security, but only the right person will have all of the solutions to multiple layers.

  1. Avoid using debit cards for online purchases

While using a debit card offers the protection that you can only spend the amount of money available in your checking account, it can leave you vulnerable in another way. With online shopping, the delay between when you make a purchase and when you receive your items means there is a period when the money has already left your account, but you do not have your purchase yet. What if your items do not arrive or arrive damaged? Using a credit card, you have the option of doing a chargeback within 60 days of your purchase in order to recoup any losses.  

  1. Have Email Back-Up

A cloud-based back-up solution for Email and servers is another great measure to prevent information loss. It also makes updating computers easier when there is a central location for your most important files.

  1. Limit Social Media Oversharing

Because Facebook is used for personal as well as business purposes, people do forget that it is a public space and therefore not a safe space for personal information. Information that an individual posts online could relate to one of the questions in their multi-factor authentication security and get a hacker one layer closer to your business and its information.  

  1. Have a Cyber Breach Action Plan

Preparation is key in cyber security, and adding multiple layers of security may make a hacker think twice. However, no security is impenetrable, and breaches do happen. Every business should have an action plan in place to respond to such an event.

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