What Cybersecurity Attack Trends Should You Watch Out For In 2023?

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Cybersecurity risks are getting worse. Attacks continue to get more sophisticated. They are also often perpetrated by large criminal organizations. These criminal groups treat these attacks like a business. 

To protect your business in the coming year, it’s important to watch the attack trends. We’ve pulled out the security crystal ball to tell you what to watch out for. 

Attacks on 5G Devices 

Hackers are looking to take advantage of the 5G hardware used for routers, mobile devices, and PCs. Any time you have a new technology like this, it’s bound to have some code vulnerabilities. 

One-time Password (OTP) Bypass 

This alarming new trend is designed to get past one of the best forms of account security – Multi-factor authentication.

Some ways this is done include: 

  • Reusing a token 
  • Sharing unused tokens 
  • Leaked token 
  • Password reset function 

Attacks Surrounding World Events 

People need to be especially mindful of phishing scams surrounding global crisis events. 

Smishing & Mobile Device Attacks 

Mobile devices go with us just about everywhere. Look for more mobile device-based attacks, including SMSbased phishing (“smishing”). 

Elevated Phishing Using AI & Machine Learning 

Criminal groups elevate today’s phishing using AI and machine learning. Not only will it look identical to a real brand’s emails, but it will also come personalized.

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