Protecting Your Personal Info From Cybersecurity Threats

m3 networks IT services michael d moore

Article from Cyber criminals don’t take a day off and neither should consumers when it comes to keeping your devices and your personal information safe. Cyber criminals don’t take a day off and neither should consumers when it comes to keeping your devices and your personal information safe. That’s the advice from North Texas…

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Cybersecurity Risks for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

m3 networks IT services cybersecurity risks for small to mid-sized businesses

Is your small or mid-sized business (SMB) secure? Have you protected your data from cyber attacks like ransomware?You may think you’ve taken the necessary precautions. Manta, an online business resource, released a 2017 poll indicating that 87% of SMB owners considered their data protected from an attack or breach. Yet, 81% of all breaches happen…

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If Your Password Is Listed Here, Change it NOW!

m3 networks IT services if your password is listed here change it now

  Keeping track of all your passwords can be very tedious, so we completely understand why you might want to make them as simple as possible. However, this could be one of the worst mistakes you make. Check out this list by KeeperSecurity of the most common passwords in 2016. Keeper Security manages passwords and looked at…

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Keep Sensitive Data OFF Employee Equipment

m3 networks IT services keep sensitive data off employee equipment

If a laptop is stolen, even a strong password will likely get cracked. Once the thief succeeds, any private data that is unencrypted is free for the taking. One solution: keep sensitive data on a secure private cloud service, so it’s never on your employers hard drive in the first place. By storing this information…

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You’ve been HACKED! What’s the first thing you should do?

m3 networks IT services you've been hacked what's the first thing you should do

No matter how diligent you are about security, there’s always a chance you can get hacked. That’s why you need to put a plan in place NOW to protect yourself and your CLIENTS, so damage is minimized. But what should you do if you find out you’ve been hacked?First, contact your IT department (us) IMMEDIATELY.…

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What to do BEFORE you go to Starbucks

m3 networks IT services what to do before your go to starbucks

So you’re in the car on the way home from Starbucks, basking in the glow of consuming your triple-shot, low-foam, extra-hot pumpkin-spice latte when you suddenly realize your laptop has gone missing. You drive back like the caffeinated lunatic you are, only to discover no one has turned it in. What do you do? That…

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This will SHOCK you about bank fraud on business accounts

m3 networks IT services this will shock you about bank fraud on business accounts

Did you know your COMPANY’S bank account doesn’t enjoy the same protections as a personal bank account? For example, if a hacker takes money from your business account, the bank is NOT responsible for getting your money back. (Don’t believe me? Go ask your bank what their policy is on refunding you money stolen from…

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Your firewall is USELESS unless…

m3 networks IT services your firewall is useless unless

A firewall is a device that acts like a security cop watching over your computer network to detect unauthorized access and activity – and EVERY business and individual needs one.However, your firewall is completely useless if it’s not set up or maintained properly. Your firewall needs to be upgraded and patched on a continual and…

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3 rules to keeping your data safe in the cloud

m3 networks IT services 3 rules to keeping your data safe in the cloud

If you’re using any kind of cloud application (and these days, who isn’t?), you are right to be concerned about data privacy and security. The company hosting your data is ultimately responsible for keeping hackers out of THEIR network, but most cloud breaches are due to USER ERROR. So it’s important that you, the user,…

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DON’T use public WiFi until you read this

m3 networks IT services don't use public WiFi until you read this

We’re all guilty of it: connecting to free public WiFi. Whether it’s at the coffee shop, hotel or airport, the temptation to check e-mail and surf the web is just too strong to resist. So BEFORE you connect to any free, public WiFi, make sure the connection is legitimate.It’s not uncommon for hackers to set…

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