Is Your Data Really Secure in the Cloud?

m3 networks IT services is your data really secure in the cloud

downloadAre you thinking about moving all or parts of your computer network “to the cloud” but are skeptical about who can access your data? You’re not alone – but many security experts, software companies, and cloud service providers alike agree that cloud computing offers a MORE secure way to store data.Here are the top five security questions you must know the answers to if you’re going to trust your data in the cloud:

  1. Who outside of my company will have access to my data?
  2. What security measures are in place whenever a mobile device or laptop is lost or stolen?
  3. With what frequency is my data backed up (and where is it backed up)?
  4. What happens if my cloud provider goes out of business? What’s the backup plan?
  5. Where is my data actually located?

Of course, with any data storage there is a risk, and there’s no way to completely guarantee absolute security. Most cloud providers are far more diligent about security and invest millions of dollars into ensuring all aspects of security are as tight as possible.Want more information on cloud security? Download our FREE cloud computing guide today.