Tech Tip Tuesday: Tips To Avoid PC Buyer’s Remorse

Have you ever bought a new computer and then had buyer’s remorse a few months later?

Maybe you didn’t pay attention to the storage capacity and ran out of space. Or you may have glossed over memory and experienced constant freeze-ups.


An investment in a new PC isn’t something you want to do lightly. Doing your research ahead of time and consulting with a trusted friend or IT shop can help. It will keep you from making major mistakes that could come back to haunt you later.


Here are several things to consider before you put down your hard-earned money on a new computer.

1. The Amount of Memory (RAM)

2. User Reviews for Longevity

3. Whether the PC is for Personal or Business Use

4. The Processor Used

5. For Laptops: The Case Type

6. Storage Capacity

7. Hard Drive Type


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