Tech Tip Tuesday: Tips for Safer Home Security Setups

m3 networks blog home security measures

From Ring doorbell cams to entire home security systems, watching your front door from afar has never been so easy. These security solutions also provide peace of mind at a wallet-friendly cost.  But don’t let the ease of setup fool you. Home security devices can open your family up to risks if you don’t take…

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What does Windows 7 End of Support Mean for You?

m3 networks IT services windows 7 end of support

Tired of those annoying Windows pop-ups you’ve been seeing on your computer? You might want to take a second look next time they pop up- they’re an important warning for anyone using Windows. As of January 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be patched or supported by Microsoft. What does that mean? If you have…

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Cybersecurity Risks for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

m3 networks IT services cybersecurity risks for small to mid-sized businesses

Is your small or mid-sized business (SMB) secure? Have you protected your data from cyber attacks like ransomware?You may think you’ve taken the necessary precautions. Manta, an online business resource, released a 2017 poll indicating that 87% of SMB owners considered their data protected from an attack or breach. Yet, 81% of all breaches happen…

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DON’T use public WiFi until you read this

m3 networks IT services don't use public WiFi until you read this

We’re all guilty of it: connecting to free public WiFi. Whether it’s at the coffee shop, hotel or airport, the temptation to check e-mail and surf the web is just too strong to resist. So BEFORE you connect to any free, public WiFi, make sure the connection is legitimate.It’s not uncommon for hackers to set…

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Never use PERSONAL devices to connect to COMPANY data

m3 networks IT services never use personal devices to connect to company data

You’re a hardworking team player who likes to check e-mail and get a few things done after hours – all good! But here’s something you might not know: you should never access company data, file servers or applications through personal devices and home PCs that are not properly monitored by us. Why?If you and your…

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Microsoft is Killing Internet Explorer 8,9 & 10

m3 networks IT services microsoft is killing internet explorer 8 9 and 10

Next week, Microsoft is ending support for all versions of the Internet Explorer browser except for current version 11.We recommend that you upgrade your browser to version 11 to avoid potential security risks and an increasingly poor experience while viewing websites that will no longer be supporting older versions of Internet Explorer.Beginning January 12, 2016, Microsoft…

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Internet Explorer users risk having their computers taken over and Windows XP user are not safe

A major security flaw affecting several versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser was discovered over the weekend, and the percentage of computer users that could be compromised by the exploit is absolutely staggering.Microsoft Corp. announced on Saturday that Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11 are all vulnerable to a glitch that when properly exploited…

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