Tech Tip Tuesday: Your firewall is USELESS unless…

m3 networks IT services tech tip tuesday your firewall is useless unless

A firewall is a device that acts like a security cop watching over your computer network to detect unauthorized access and activity – and EVERY business and individual needs one. However, your firewall is completely useless if it’s not set up or maintained properly. Your firewall needs to be upgraded and patched on a continual…

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Set up bank alerts – NOW!

m3 networks IT services tech tip tuesday set up bank alerts

Here’s a tip that just might save your bacon: Set up withdrawal alerts on your bank accounts. Many banks will send you an e-mail alert whenever money is withdrawn from your account via check, debit card or transfer. Setting up those alerts will allow you to spot and report fraudulent activity BEFORE the money has…

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Don’t do THIS on your work laptop or PC

m3 networks IT services tech tip tuesday don't do this on your work laptop or PC

Tech Tip Tuesday: Don’t do THIS on your work laptop or PC The ONLY thing you should use your company’s workstation or PC for is…WORK! Never mix personal web surfing and social media with company devices. If you want to check your Hotmail account or Facebook page, do it during your lunch break and on…

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Tech Tip Tuesday: DON’T use public WiFi until you read this

m3 networks IT services tech tip tuesday don't use public WifI until you read this

We’re all guilty of it: connecting to free public WiFi. Whether it’s at the coffee shop, hotel or airport, the temptation to check e-mail and surf the web is just too strong to resist. So BEFORE you connect to any free, public WiFi, make sure the connection is legitimate.  It’s not uncommon for hackers to…

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Tech Tip Tuesday: The DANGERS of Dropbox and other file sync apps

m3 networks IT services tech tip tuesday the dangers of dropbox

If you’re using Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive or other consumer-grade file sync and sharing cloud applications, listen up! These applications pose a huge threat to your company because company data can be spread far and wide without central oversight of what information is being shared with whom. Further, over 7 MILLION Dropbox accounts have been…

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This will SHOCK you about bank fraud on business accounts

m3 networks IT services this will shock you about bank fraud on business accounts

Did you know your COMPANY’S bank account doesn’t enjoy the same protections as a personal bank account? For example, if a hacker takes money from your business account, the bank is NOT responsible for getting your money back. (Don’t believe me? Go ask your bank what their policy is on refunding you money stolen from…

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Microsoft is Killing Internet Explorer 8,9 & 10

m3 networks IT services microsoft is killing internet explorer 8 9 and 10

Next week, Microsoft is ending support for all versions of the Internet Explorer browser except for current version 11.We recommend that you upgrade your browser to version 11 to avoid potential security risks and an increasingly poor experience while viewing websites that will no longer be supporting older versions of Internet Explorer.Beginning January 12, 2016, Microsoft…

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Get Work Done Faster With Keyboard Shortcuts

m3 networks IT services get work done faster with keyboard shortcuts

By pressing a combination of two or more keys at the same time, certain tasks that would typically require a mouse can be done more quickly and save you time and effort. We at M3 Networks think that saving you time and effort is a great thing! So we’ve put together a list of some…

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